Our Team

Mosen Kan

CEO | Mortgage agent

Mosen Kan is CEO & Senior Mortgage Broker at Mortgage Associates Ontario Inc. His goal is to become your broker for life. Whether it’s your first home, an investment property or a refinance, he is  always willing and happy to sit down and have a chat about what options are available to you.   Mosen Kan’s whole business career has been built on providing better customer service and helping people find the right mortgage solutions. 

Stefano Mercuri

Vice President of Operations & Mortgage Agent

As Vice President of Operations for Mortgage Associates Ontario, Stefano Mercuri is very proud to be leading such a motivated group of talented, creative and hardworking Mortgage Agents. The team at MAO embody Stefano’s core belief that the Mortgage business is all about taking care of people first and foremost. standing relationships to ensure our clients receive the custom tailored mortgages they deserve. 

Arash Sef

Mortgage Agent

Arash Sef is well seasoned in the mortgage brokering business.  He has funded a high volume of Alternative Mortgages over the past 7 years working with Mortgage Associates Ontario Inc.  His experience allows him to assist clients from A lending, to B lending. Arash Sef also has an extensive list of private lender’s in his books for those tough to place mortgages.  Arash Sef prides himself in being transparent from the beginning to the end of the mortgage process, on every single file.

Kateryna Torg

Mortgage Agent | Underwriter

Kateryna Torg is a mortgage specialist and underwriter. She has extensive knowledge of residential and commercial mortgage financing. Her role as Mortgage agent is to help people in Ontario find the best possible residential and commercial mortgage, tailored to their needs. If you are ready to purchase or refinance a property, or if you just need some guidance on how to get started, please feel free to get in touch with Kateryna.

Renato Kllapi

Mortgage Agent | Underwriter

Renato Kllapi is passionate about helping people obtain the right home loan that fits their needs and requirements, not just for now, but also for their future. He is fully accredited Mortgage Broker and underwriter with the Mortgage Associates Ontario Inc. Renato Kllapi brings years of experience as a mortgage broker and underwriter. He has extensive experience dealing with banks, home buyers, you can be confident. 

Rishanth Baskaran

Mortgage Agent | Underwriter

Rishanth Baskaran is an accredited and certified mortgage agent and underwriter. Whether it be to purchase your home as a first-time home buyer, using your home equity to consolidate debt, or finding ways to invest, Rishanth will make sure your needs will be met. He is passionate about providing exceptional service to his clients to aid in the approval of loans so that they may achieve their dreams.