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Rishanth Baskaran is an accredited and certified mortgage agent and underwriter. Whether it be to purchase your home as a first-time home buyer, using your home equity to consolidate debt, or finding ways to invest, Rishanth will make sure your needs will be met. He is passionate about providing exceptional service to his clients to aid in the approval of loans so that they may achieve their dreams.

With experience working as a Lending Specialist over the past couple of years, he will ensure and guarantee 100% transparency throughout the process. He feels pride taking a personal interest in all client’s objectives, by ensuring they understand the options available to them. Working with well over 50 lenders, Rishanth will find the best and most suitable mortgage plan.

To explore what’s best for you, please feel free to contact him. He is happy to answer any questions you may have at no cost! This is one of your biggest milestones and Rishanth will make sure the best solution is met. It is the perfect time to set foot in into the real estate market, so let’s start now! 

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